10 Ways to Make Revision Fun

Studying doesn’t have to be boring...

Here are some tips on how to make revision more fun and help keep you motivated!

1. Reward Yourself

Place rewards in every ten pages in your textbook - especially with your favourite chocolate.

2. Listen to Music

Listen to some of your favourite playlists - or make a new one on Spotify. You could also check some of our playlists out for some inspo!

3. Get ‘Appy

'SQA My Study Plan' and 'Quizlet Flashcards' are great apps that help you get organised Search for them on your App Store!

4. Be Creative

Doodle, colour, and highlight your notes to remember key points. Then make sure to hang your artwork around your room to help refresh your memory!

5. Text Your Friends

If you’re finding you can’t stay away from your phone, why not create a group chat where you text your friends facts you’re trying to learn.

6. Watch a Movie

This may look like procrastination, but it totally counts if you watch films and documentaries on the subject you are revising.

7. Give Yourself a Break

Study for a couple hours and treat yourself by checking Snapchat, grabbing a bowl of ice cream, or going for a quick nap (Bonus points: Sleeping after studying helps you better retain information!)

8. Warm Up Those Vocal Chords

Make up a rhyme or song that helps you learn the facts.

9. Get Ready to Dance

Being active or making up dance routines can help you remember key areas you are trying to learn while also keeping yourself healthy.

10. Laughing

Read your notes out loud in a funny voice - this helps to remember information and you’ll always have the memory of laughing with your friends (we love trying to read things in Squidward's voice!)

Want more tips? Check out our guide on making the most of using your phone for revision.