10 Struggles Only a Leftie Would Understand

It's not easy being a leftie. Sometimes (okay, all the time) it seems like the whole world has been designed just for right-handed people. We feel your pain, left-handed friends. Here's our list of the very worst that life throws at you if you're a leftie.

1. Living your life as a human doodle
2. High-Fiving can be tricky
3. There's always drama when scissors are involved
4. Guitar playing is a challenge
5. The heartbreak of trying to use a spiral pad
6. Accidentally elbowing your right-handed neighbour and it automatically being your fault
7. Opening a single tin can take days
8. And don't even talk to us about ice-cream scoops
9. Wanting to wave back at any leftie you see on TV
10. And the unknowable pain of being asked if you're left-handed by someone who's just watched you use your left hand