10 Free Travel Apps We ❤️


Planning a trip can be complicated, especially if it’s your first time. Kayak searches almost 700 travel sites for you, saving you time and finding app-specific deals on flights, accommodation, and rental cars. Price alerts tell you the cheapest deals and Kayak even has a Price Forecast which recommends whether you should buy now or later.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kayak doubles as your personal travel assistant. You can store all your important information in one place, track the status of your flights, navigate the airport step-by-step, and access your itinerary offline.

Free for Apple & Android


If you’re anything like us, you find packing boring and sometimes even stressful. You’re sure to forget something or go over the weight limit, right? Wrong.

If you tell Packpoint where you’re going, when, and for how long, it generates a list of everything you need to pack, including equipment for activities you will be doing. It even consults local weather reports so you can pack smart.

Free for Apple and Android

Fly (or should we say Soar?)

Fear of flying is common and often comes from situations we don’t fully understand (not many of us understand the inner workings of a plane!)

SOAR was designed by a pilot to be a comprehensive guide to your journey, from airport to landing. The app will talk you through procedures, reasoning, and how the plane takes flight. It includes a G-Force monitor so you can see that the plane is within safe limits and can even generate turbulence reports so you know what to expect.

Free for Apple and Android


The planning, packing and flying are over so now you can enjoy your trip, but unforeseen circumstances can happen. If your accommodation falls through last minute, call on HotelTonight for help.

They specialise in last-minute and same-day rooms and allow you to see fellow travellers recommendations. Great for spontaneous trips and the app also works in the UK if you’re on a staycation.

Free on Apple & Android


TripAdvisor is not the only travel recommendation app out there (although we love it, too).

Foursquare City Guide is perfect for finding hidden gems such as speakeasy entrances, and the community will give you helpful tips like the WiFi password for venues and even tell you about off-the-menu items.

Free for Apple and Android

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Get There

Working out public transport in a new city can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language.

CityMapper is here to help and it might just be our favourite app on this list! It has information on major cities across 5 continents and combines every travel mode imaginable, including taxis, buses, trains, the subway, ferries, cycle routes and walking times.

It even has information on car and bike sharing.

The app gives you the fastest routes, shows you real-time departures from nearby stations and alerts you to travel disruptions. Even better, CityMapper produces detailed step-by-step instructions which alert you to change train or get off a bus, and even tell you which subway exit will get you to the right platform!

Free for Apple and Android


If you’re exploring more rural areas you might be driving, and in that case you need Waze.

Think of a combination between TripAdvisor and Google Maps. Waze allows fellow users to alert each other to traffic incidents, road closures and other dangers. Waze even saved one member of our staff from driving into a fallen tree on a rural road in Costa Rica.

The app will update your route to avoid dangers, alert you to the cheapest fuel on your journey, and provide you with a scarily accurate ETA by checking live traffic data. If you’re driving alone you can plug it into your cars display to act as a sat nav.

Free for Apple and Android


If you were expecting a state-of-the-art app which translates your thoughts before you say them out loud, think again. We’re going old school on this one.

Google Translate remains our firm favourite for its price (free with no in-app purchases) and its range of over 100 languages. It offers voice, image and handwriting translations.

Free on Apple and Android


With the help of our travel apps you’ll have the best trip ever. So you should document it.

The 1 Second Everyday is a video diary app that does what it says on the tin. You record 1 second (or more) of video each day of your trip then the app combines it to make a small movie. Set a reminder so you don’t forget to film, and share with your friends on social media.

Free on Apple & Android


We assume you’ll be updating social media, but have you thought about sharing your trip another way? Postagram turns your travel snaps into postcards which are delivered by real mail!

Just choose a photo of your location, add a photo of yourself, include a message and send! Great if you don’t have access to a letterbox or postage stamp.

Free for Apple and Android

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