10 Authentic Recipes You Can Make At Home

It's good to get out your comfort zone! Whether you want to try to get better at cooking, or want open up your taste buds to some new food you might not have tried before, we've got some recipes that will help you be a little more adventurous!

1. Jump into Japanese cuisine

The team at SORTEDFood show you how to make a healthier version of Chicken Katsu curry! 

2. Get making some Middle Eastern food

The origin of Hummus is claimed by a lot of countries, but no matter where it came from, this recipe as made by Alon Shaya is really yummy!

3. Try this traditional Indian street food

Chetna Makan shows you how to make Vada Pav - Indian style vegetarian burgers.

4. Enjoy a slice of Americana

The Body Coach and Ella Eyre team up to show you how to make a stack of American-style pancakes.

5. Mix up some Mexican cuisine 

Watch as the SORTEDFood team try their hand at the traditional Mexican dish of pork carnitas.

6. Experience some South African food

Sisi Yemmie shows you how to make Chakalaka, a popular South African dish which is vegetarian and vegan friendly! 

7. Get out your (time) zone with some Aussie food!

Fairy bread is a popular snack in Australia - here xoxo cooks shows you how it's made .

8. Share some traditional Spanish cuisine

Omar Allibhoy shows you how to make a proper Spanish paella.

9. Nom on some Nigerian food 

Jollof rice is a traditional Nigerian dish. Claudia shows you how to make it just right!

10. Get cooking some Korean 

Seonkyoung Longest shows you how to make this drool-worthy Bibimbap.

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