Mental Health Awareness blog from Midlothian

Caitlin, a young person living in Midlothian has written this blog - why not sumbit yours too!

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS During the pandemic  

Some young people will be finding the current situation difficult to cope and deal with as it is a huge change in what our lives were like before the pandemic. Our routines have changed like waking up, going to school, meeting and seeing friends being able to go to the cinema or celebrating a birthday, having a party.

things you may not think would be hard for us are  not being able to  sit our exams and getting results we need to get into college or even university but aren't able to.

Young people may also feel and think that they are alone and have no one they can talk too. Young people may experience thoughts of panic, confusion, anger and feeling low and that is normal it’s ok to feel these things.

Staying at home and having to do school work for some young people is a hard environment to switch too. Having to get used to staying at home is difficult as we are used to going to school interacting with other people having a laugh with friends and others.  We may struggle to get the idea that we still have to do school work but just not in a classroom.  Doing things like school work or going for walks can help keep young people feel happier and to accept that things might not be the same but it will get better in the future.

We should remain positive as when things start to settle down we will be able to be all together again and see other family members or friends and do things we once did like watch the football. No one should always think negative. We should always try to think positively as that will help us get through this pandemic and see the light from the end of the tunnel. We should try and remember that soon we will be able to go out and see friends or look forward to going back to school and playing football or even a day out to the cinema things might not be 100% right now but it will get there if everyone is there for each other.


New normal

Young people would have a new routine and have accepted that maybe not everything will be the same but we will be able to talk to our friends online

things young people can do is to always try and stay positive we can go out for a walk , write things in a book about what/how they are feeling and thinking about how they are coping with the pandemic, how they are feeling about themselves.

Young people should not need to deal with their mental health or illness alone.  No one should feel like they are alone. We should be kind to ourselves and not put ourselves down. Just because you can’t talk to your friends face to face doesn't mean that they aren't there for you.

As a young person I do understand how this whole situation can affect your social life your education and mental health.

I was in my final year of high school looking to apply for college and doing well in all my exams but unfortunately I am unable to do my exams this year as they were cancelled and I constantly worry that I haven’t done good enough or I am not going to have the grades I want because didn’t answer all the questions or finish all of my course work or that all my answers are wrong and I won’t get a grade in a subject that I wanted to do well in.

Mentally it has been challenging but I haven't given up and I am trying to remain positive and think about how even though there are still going to be a few things different in months going forward. It has been hard not being able to see and meet up with friends as before I was able to meet up and have a laugh and now I am not able to. But I can still talk to the by text or phone call.  I also know and remember the advice and people telling be that you can only try your best and that when you put your mind to it you will be able to achieve what you want to achieve. I know that I done everything I could to make sure I will get the marks and grades I need.

If I had to say one thing to young people to help them through this pandemic is that they should stay positive and be happy by doing something they enjoy doing like going out for walks   singing, colouring in a colouring book, have a movie night and baking cupcakes. Don’t think about all the bad things think about the good things what you can look forward to.

there are people there for young people to talk to during this hard time such as Samaritans and other organisations