Local Walks You Should Know About

Shake up your routine and find out what walks are available around your area! 


The Seven Hills  

Are you up for the challenge of walking up all seven hills of Edinburgh in one day? It sounds tough but the seven different views of Edinburgh will keep you motivated! Pack some water and wear your comfiest shoes – you’re about to walk around 45 thousand steps!  

Find out more about The Seven Hills of Edinburgh on the Walk Highlands website.

Arthur’s Seat  

Walking up a dormant volcano in one of the busiest cities in Scotland is definitely one on the bucket list! A short but steep walk will have you feeling serene at the top as you look out onto the City of Edinburgh. If the weather is good you might see all the way to Fife!

The Pentland Hills  

The Pentlands are a quick drive or bus journey just outside of the City of Edinburgh. With some hills easier than others, check out which route you want to take by visiting the Pentland Hills website.


Accessible by bus from the city center, this forest is popular with Mountain Bikers and you don’t need to be an expert to go! Pick from a plethora of trails and relax in the welcoming café afterwards with a hot drink and snack! 

Find out more about what Glentress has to offer by visiting the Forestry and Land Scotland website.


Glasgow Mural Trail  

Check out all the great street art that Glasgow has to offer! Starting off in the East side of Glasgow’s city centre you’ll spend a few hours learning about some of Glasgow’s great artists! Find out more about the mural trail and download the map on the City Centre Mural Trail website.

Kelvin Way  

You can start or end in Kelvingrove Park and follow the banks of the River Kelvin, crossing under Kelvinbridge until you eventually emerge at the Botanic Gardens. Experienced long-distance walkers can continue until it  joins up with the West Highland Way.

The Necropolis  

The Necropolis is a Victorian graveyard on a small but prominent hill near the centre of Glasgow. A short walk with promising views at the top and a great place to watch the sunset over the city! Find out more about the Necropolis walk on Walk Highlands.

Whichever walk you go on in Glasgow you can identify any tree with the Tree Identification App which has been developed by The Woodlands Trust Organisation.


The Law Hill 

Reach the highest point in Dundee and see how the Tay bridge stretches out to Newport-on-Tay! On a clear day, you’ll have great views of the water and over Dundee City! 

Seafront Sites  

Make your way around Dundee’s most exciting sites like The V&A, the Dundee Science Centre, and Discovery Point. You can also take a walk around Bash Street and see where the inspiration for The Beano came from! Dundee has lots to offer, get exploring! 

Find out more about Dundee’s Law Hill and the Seafront Sites on Walk Highland.

 Become an expert in identifying trees in Dundee with the guide on How to Identify Trees developed by The Woodlands Trust.


Tentsmuir Forest  

Explore one of Fife’s forests for the day! You can explore the winding dunes or join The Ice House Trail and see what’s hidden in the Tentsmuir forest! 

For more information about what you can do at Tentsmuir visit Forestry and Land Scotland website.

Explore Fife’s expansive forests and see how many trees you can find with the A-Z of British Trees developed by The Woodlands Trust.



Escape the hustle and bustle of Aberdeen City with just a 20 minute walk from the city centre to the stunning beachfront. Watch surfers catch waves and if you’re lucky you might see seals or dolphins!  


This forest has a lot to offer; horseback riding, mountain biking routes, walking running and cycling paths, and great views all round from the top of the Tappie Tower! Find out more about Kirkhill on the Forestry and Land Scotland website.


See trees that are over 150 years old in Foggieton. It’s a great forest for bird watching and it offers a peaceful environment for walking! To find out more about what it has to offer, visit the Forestry and Land Scotland Website.


Closest to city of Aberdeen you have three trails to chose from; Beech Tree Trail, The Big Tree Trail, and Gairn Hill Trail. Will you widen your knowledge on tree species on the Beech Tree Trail or go for the views with the Gairn Hill Trail?  

Find out more about these trails on the Forestry and Land Scotland website.


Davoit Woods

Just outside of Inverness this forest offers incredible panoramic views of the city. With its wide paths, this forest is really accessible for wheelchair users. It’s also home to some great animals, like owls and dragonflies! Find out what else you can do in Davoit Woods on the Forestry and Land Scotland website.

Ord Hill  

This forest is just north of Inverness and has a lot to offer. As one of the older forests in the North of Scotland, you’ll walk through open and mixed forests and see views stretching out over Moray and Beauly Firths. Find out more about Ord Hill on the Forestry and Land Scotland Website.

The Ness Islands  

Right in the heart of Inverness, explore the islands that lie in the middle of the River Ness. This quick escape is perfect for those who want to enjoy a slice of nature in the heart of a city! Have a peak at what The Ness Islands have to offer on the Visit Inverness Loch Ness website.

Remember to leave no trace, and where you can leave the place cleaner than when you found it.  

Want another challenge?

If you’re already familiar with the different types of trees, why not try and pronounce them in Gaelic?

Follow the guide below to find out more!


Identifying Scottish trees in Gaelic #fyp #nature #scotland #Scottish #language #Gàidhlig #Gaelic #cleachdi

♬ original sound – Young Scot

Something different?

Why not try out a purposeful walk? A purposeful walk is where you go for a walk and see how many things you can identify.

Pick a colour like yellow and count how many yellow thing you see on your walk! Watch the example video below and see how many things mentioned you can spot.


How many of these things do you spot while out on walks? #Lockdown #Walk #Walks #Nature #YoungScot #Scotland #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Young Scot

To find out more about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, visit Know The Code.

Find out more about how you can use Scotland’s Lands and Forests responsibly.

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