Education and Outdoors

Scottish Attainment Challenge

Inverclyde Youth Services has two attainment workers who help to support young people participating in the Scottish Attainment Challenge.  The SAC supports young people who are struggling with literacy and numeracy skills by taking a youth work approach to building these skills as well as learning additional life skills.

Participants in the Scottish Attainment Challenge work towards achieving a Dynamic Youth Award or a Youth Achievement Award depending on their progress.

Attainment challenge logo

Senior Phase

Like the Scottish Attainment Challenge, the Senior Phase project helps students in S5 prepare for life after school by building confidence and essential life skills.  Senior phase classes take place in schools and involves a variety of project work and workshops.  The participants get to decide what projects they would like to work towards and this is accredited with a Youth Achievement Award.

Castle Semple

Throughout the year, Inverclyde Youth Services works with the Castle Semple Outdoor Activity Centre to deliver exciting outdoor education opportunities. Young people have taken part in kayaking, cycling, raft building, hiking, orienteering, and team building.  Outdoor learning can be a great opportunity to work on skills that are difficult to teach in a classroom and the change of environment usually helps get people excited and motivated!

Castle Semple