GYC Consultation Report The Future After Lockdown

Glasgow Youth Council (GYC) wanted to hear young people's opinions about Lockdown.

GYC successfully applied for funding from Action for Local Youth Voice Empowerment UK’s (ALYVE UK). It was decided that the most effective and safest way to capture young people’s views with regards to ‘The Future After Lockdown’ and related topics was to hold an online-only consultation in the form of a survey.

Action for Local Youth Voice Empowerment UK’s (ALYVE UK) charitable aim is to advocate for and support local youth forums, which aim to understand and advocate for young people’s views within the local area in which they are based. 

Over 200 young Glaswegians completed the survey , sharing their views and concerns post lockdown. The consultation has provided an insight into how young people feel about the impacts the Covid-19 pandemic and the support they require. 

The consultation focussed on asking five high level questions and includes direct participant feedback:

  • What are you most looking forward to being able to do once we are out of Lockdown?
  • What areas will you need support in during the transition out of Lockdown?
  • Have you found any helpful resources to stay physically and mentally healthy during lockdown?
  • Do you feel you appreciate ‘normal’ things more now that we’ve been through this experience?
  • How has lockdown affected your relationship with your family and friends?

You can download the full results of the survey here