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Articulate Arts Hub have a project dedicated for FAB participants.

To find out more about Articulate’s Culture Club project, please contact them through e-mail

Love art, live in south Glasgow - Get in tocuh

Culture Club - Oct/Nov 2019

Saturday 26 October

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre - 5.00pm

106 Trongate Glasgow

The amazing theatre of Eduard Bersudsky's mechanical sculptures created in St Petersburg, Russia in 1989.

Hundreds of tiny carved figures and pieces of old scrap perform an incredible Heath-Robinson meets Hieronymous-Bosch choreography to haunting music and synchronised lighting, telling the funny and tragic stories of the human spirit struggling against the relentless circles of life and death.

Cafe Cossachok - 6.30pm

10 King Street Glasgow

‘Cossachok’ is the first and only truly authentic Russian Restaurant in Scotland.

With our help you will taste the most popular ethnic dishes of Russian and other cuisines.

Saturday 2 November

Curated tour of CCA installations with curator, Holly Knox Yeoman - 3.30pm

Centre for Contemporary Arts, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Sonica Glasgow, Cryptic’s award-winning festival of world-class visual sonic arts returns to CCA with: Catalonian collective cabosonroque’s immense expanded music installation, Joan Brossa didn’t make me; UK-based Aphra Shemza & Tim Murray-Browne’s interactive audiovisual sculpture, Post Truth and Beauty, and A Fall from Belgium’s Karl van Welden, which presents a glimpse of some unthinkable future, condensed into a single object – the vinyl record.

Triple Bill - 8.00pm

Myriam Boucher, Kathy Hinde and Sabina Covarrubias

Tramway 25 Albert Drive Glasgow

Montréal- based Myriam Boucher is a video and sound artist working with both classical composition and scientific research. In Phases she considers one of our most commonplace marvels: the ability of water to change state from gaseous to fluid to solid. Treated images of ice floes, cloudforms and glaciers are set to a haunting, unsettling soundtrack that mixes traditional instrumentation with field recordings of water and crumbling ice. The results are beautiful, but also salutary, bringing to mind the most conspicuous example of this changing of state: the melting of polar ice, and the potential consequences for sea levels as solid turns to liquid.

The word ‘tweet’ is perhaps starting to be more associated with technological communication than the natural association with birdsong: its meaning may be under threat, just as the habitats of birds are threatened by humans. Kathy Hinde responds to this double dilemma with Twittering Machines, which renders John Keats’s Ode to a Nightingale in Morse code, then uses multiple output devices to interfere with the transmission, simultaneously redoubling it and struggling to translate the bleeps back into recognisable language. Meanwhile, recordings of birdsong are treated to generate further distortions and interference. The effect is of a swirling, chattering dawn chorus of birdsong, real and artificial – a reminder of how technology can overrun the natural, and of what we stand to lose if it does.

Warm, burbling, playful electronica meets by glitchy, geometric computer-generated visuals in Sabina Covarrubias’s Trip, which takes inspiration from science-fiction’s depiction of voyages into space and the way our bodies age – an everyday yet almost unnoticeable journey into the unknown future. Covarrubias describes her work as visual-music: the animated projections she generates and manipulates live are developed according to musical composition techniques and balanced by music that builds on the spectralist technique of composing music by reinterpreting visual and mathematical data. Covarrubias invites her audience to join her in contemplating journeys both real and fantastical, into outer space and deep into ourselves.

Entry for you and a friend (or supporting adult) to Glasgow Science Centre. 

Contact Tony Begley for more information.

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Arts in the City

Arts in the City is a Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership  project, supported by Glasgow Life which exists to help improve the lives and life chances of Care experienced children and young people through engagement and involvement in the arts.

Why the Arts?

Participation in cultural and sporting activities has been shown to result in the gaining of new skills, improve informal and formal learning, increase self-confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth, improve or create social networks and enhance quality of life.

We run various participatory workshop throughout the year as well as signpost you to appropriate community activities. Current programmes include Drama workshops, Drop in Music Sessions, and Film Making Workshops.

Want to know where your nearest dance class is? Are you caring for a young person who is interested in drawing, how can you help them make the most of their talents. My role is to support you in finding these opportunities, so please do not hesitate to call.

Clare Macaulay - Arts Development Worker 

Continuing Care Services

0141 302 2800


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