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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for a young person?

They should be aged between 14 -26 years and from Glasgow.  They do not need to have a current residence in the Glasgow.  They should be ‘care experienced’ which can include being looked after at home, in kinship, in foster care or in a residential house.

What activities are covered?

Any cultural, sporting, learning or artistic activity that the young person can engage in regularly.

What happens if the young person moves from the area or their placement?

If the young person moves, but they are a south side young person, then they are entitled to continue to be part of the scheme.  This also applies if they move placement during their participation.

Can I suggest an activity or provider?

We’ve got a current list of things young people can engage in.  If there’s an activity the young person already knows about, we will approach the provider on their behalf.  If there is an activity they’re interested in but don’t know where it is, we’ll do the research on their behalf.

Do I need to fill in a referral form?

There is no referral form.  Anyone wishing to put a young person forward for the scheme can send us an email confirming their name and age and their eligibility for the scheme.  We can liaise directly with staff, the young people or their representative e.g. family member or carer.

Can workers or friends attend the activity too?

Yes, to a point.  We recognise that it’s important for young people to be able participate with friends.  We will fund up to three visits to the activity for a friend of the young person who is not entitled to be part of the scheme (i.e. not deemed to be care experienced). 

With regards to staff attending, we will pay for staff to take part e.g. gym membership providing that they only access the activity whilst accompanying the young person.

What if kit or equipment are required to take part?

There is a small budget available for any kit or equipment required.  This can be made available to a young person’s worker or family member once there is a clear pattern of engagement with the activity.  We will liaise with clubs and providers to confirm that they have engaged well.

What’s excluded?

Closed group activities. This scheme can’t be used as project funding.

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