Learning Gaelic: Animals & Pets

Here is a list of 30 Gaelic animal names – including common pets and animals you can find in the wild in Scotland!


Seo liosta de 30 ainmean Gàidhlig airson beathaichean – peataichean cumanta agus beathaichean a lorgas tu ann an Alba nam measg!

Beathaichean | Animals

Animal | Beathach

Badger | Broc

Basking Shark | Cearban

Bird(s) | Eun (Eòin)

Capercaillie | Capar-Coille

Cat | Cat

Chicken | Cearc

Cow | Bò

Dog | Cù

Dolphin | Leumadair-Mara

Fish | Iasg (Èisg)

Frog | Losgann

(Golden) Eagle | Iolair(-dhubh)

Horse | Each

Kitten | Piseag

Midge(s) | Meanbh-Chuileag(an)

(Mountain) Hare ? Maigheach(-Bhàn)

Otter | Dòbhran

Pet(s) | Peata(chan)

Pig | Muc

Pine Marten | Taghan

Puffin | Buthaid

Puppy | Cuilean

Rabbit | Coineanach

(Red) Deer | Fiadh(-Ruadh)

(Red) Squirrel | Feòrag(-Ruadh)

Seagull | Faoileag

Seal | Ròn

Sheep | Caora

Whale | Muc-Mhara

Wildcat | Cat-Fhiadhaich

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