Fruit and Veg | Measan & Glasraich

Here’s a Gaelic fruit and vegetable vocabulary lis to help you better talk about food in Gaelic!

Seo briathrachas measan is glasraich gus do chuideachadh le bhith a’ bruidhinn mu bhiadh sa Ghàidhlig!

Infographic listing 30 words related to fruit and vegetables. Text version below.

Fruit and Veg | Measan & Glasraich

Apple | Ubhal

Banana | Banana

Beans | Pònairean

Bramble/Blackberry | Smeuran

Carrot | Curran

Cucumber | Cularan

Fruit | Measan

Grapes | Fìon-dhearcan

Lemon | Liomaid

Lettuce | Leatas

Melon | Meal-bhuc

Mushroom | Balg-buachair

Nuts | Cnòthan

Onion | Uinnean

Orange | Orainds

Parsnip | Curran-geal

Peach | Peitseag

Peanuts | Cnò-thalmhainn

Pear | Peur

Peas | Peasairean

Pepper | Piobar

Potatoes | Buntàta

Raspberry | Suibheag

Salad | Sailead

Strawberry | Sùbh-làir

Sweetcorn | Coirce Milis

Tomato | Tomàto

Turnip | Snèip

Vegetables | Glasraich

Vegetarian (Person) | Glasraichear


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