Family Words | Faclan Teaghlaich

Learn Gaelic words that relate to your family!

Infographic showing words that relate to family and their Gaelic translations.


Family | Teaghlach

Parent | Pàrant

Father/Dad | Athair

Mother/Mum | Màthair

Step-Parent | Leas-Phàrant

Step-Father | Leas-Athair

Step-Mother | Leas-Mhàthair 

Adoptive-Parent | Uchd-Phàrant

Carer | Cùramaiche

Grandfather | Seanair

Grandmother | Seanmhair

Son | Mac

Daughter | Nic

Adoptive-Son | Uchd-Mhac

Adoptive-Daughter | Uchd-Nighean

Foster-Child | Dalta

Baby | Leanabh

Sister | Piuthar

Brother | Bràthair

Step-Brother | Leas-Bhràthair

Step-Sister | Leas-Phiuthar

Foster Sibling | Co-Dhalta

Cousin | Co-Ogha

Aunt(y) | Antaidh

Paternal Aunt (Dad’s Sister) | Piuthar-Athar

Maternal Aunt (Mum’s Sister) | Piuthar-Màthar

Uncle | Uncail

Paternal Uncle (Dad’s Brother) | Bràthair-Athar

Maternal Uncle (Mum’s Brother) | Bràthair-Màthar

Pets | Peataichean

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