SYP News - June 2021

Welcome to this months edition of the SYP newsletter.

Get ready to take action!

This month, SYP is gearing up to take some serious advocacy action and we need every MSYs to take part!

Over the past few months a lot has happened. Our manifesto has launched, we’ve worked on Bounce Back, and we’ve seen a brand new cohort of MSPs elected to the Scottish Parliament.

Now that our new MSPs have had time to settle into their role, we want to make sure that every MSP knows about SYP, how MSYPs can work with them, and the key issues that are affecting young people.

But more than that, we want MSYPs to build a relationship with these decision-makers to ensure that young people’s right to have their voices heard are respected.

You have a rare opportunity now to make a first impression and create links which can be passed down to future MSYPs – and we are here to help you do that!

In every edition of SYP News in June, we will be giving you an action to take which will help build those relationships and promote SYP’s calls. Make sure you keep an eye out and remember to tag us in any social media posts!

This week’s action is…

For constituency MSYPs, to look up the contact details of your local and regional MSPs (BUT don’t contact them yet!). Speak to your fellow constituency MSYPs about how you’ll work together to contact your local MSP when the time is right – more info about how to do this will come soon!

For NVO MSYPs, find out the contact details for the regional MSPs in the area where you live. Discuss with your regional groups who you’d like to contact (BUT don’t contact them yet). We’d also encourage you to ask your NVO if there are any MSPs that are supporters of the NVO’s work, and how you could link in with them. If you need any help or advice, please contact Sophie Reid MSYP, Trustee for Procedures and Voluntary Organisations, on <> .

You can find out which MSPs represent you here <> .

Did you know that SYP’s regions are slightly different than the Scottish Parliament’s? You can find out what region you belong to here <> . If you have any questions, please contact us on <> .

Engaging young people in decision-making

We continued publishing the speeches from the Cabinet Takeover event. This week we shared Liam Fowley MSYP's speech on meaningfully engaging young people in decision-making. Liam called not only for young people to be included but also for a review of the working practices of these groups that ensures young people’s participation is as meaningful as possible. It's particularly relevant given the work Members have been doing on the appeals process mentioned above.

You can read Liam's speech in full by clicking here <> .

SYP75 - MSYP Pack

In case you missed it earlier this week, you can now download the MSYP pack for SYP75. There are just over three weeks to go until SYP’s June 2021 Sitting. We are very excited to be able to share the MSYP Pack for the Sitting with you.

Download the MSYP Pack here <> (large-print version here <> ) and read through to find out what we’ll be doing at the Sitting. You can also consult your constituents to find out their views on the SYP75 motions! You can find the SYP consultation guide here <> , and there are some tips for consulting online on page 10 of the MSYP Pack.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at <>

Outside Opportunities
Help shape Young Scot's next strategic plan

Young Scot #VisionMakers are a group of young volunteers co-designing the 2022-2025 strategic plan. As part of their work, the group would like stakeholders to take part in an online survey to inform future strategy and help decide what services are offered to young people. They'd appreciate it if you would take the time to share your thoughts and opinions.

You can fill in the survey by clicking here <> .