History is Treasure - Falkirk Tunnel #10

History is Treasure Pint of Interest no 10 The Falkirk Tunnel

Welcome to Falkirk CLD's 'History is Treasure' History Treasure Hunt. Join us on an adventure to explore different areas across Falkirk Council. Find out about our points of interest by watching the videos and then go out to find the treasure at our points of interest.

The Falkirk Tunnel was created so the route of the union canal went underground as the local landowner didn't want it to obscure his view. It is the longest canal tunnel to have been built in Scotland at a whopping 630m long. 

Watch the video below to find out more about this point of interest.

Special thanks to Ben Allison, local tour guide from the Wee Glesga Tour Co for creating the videos for our History is Treasure Hunt.

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Make sure you keep an eye out along the trail for your two Young Scot Rewards points codes! Scan both codes and you'll get 400 points and be entered to win a £50 Falkirk shopping voucher!


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