Falkirk CLD Challenge - Week 11

This weeks challenge is to create a "Flatlay" picture.

First things first, what is a flat lay?

A flay lay is simply a photo of objects arranged on a flat surface, captured from directly above.  Some people refer to this angle as a bird's eye view, and it's a great way to showcase everything from product photography to your latest cup of tea

For this challenge we would like you to take a flat lay image of all the everyday items that were important to you during Lockdown. Make it as individual to you as you can, you can add filters and backgrounds to reflect your personality too.

Flatlay of items used in Lockdown.  Laptop, Notebook, Pens, Sewing Kit, Xylophone, Tenor Horn Sketch Book Mobile Phone,Pencil Beaters and Music

In the picture above Grace Cameron our CLD Worker has created a flat lay with all the items that were important to her during Lockdown.  Here we can see a mix of practical and creative items, a laptop, mobile phone, notebook, pens, a tenor horn, xylophone, beaters, sheet music, sketch book, and sewing kit.

"I chose all these items to reflect what I had been using my time during Lockdown.  The more practical items represented what I had been using for work while working from home and the more creative items were to represent what I did for leisure.  I am very fortunate that I have access to these beautiful musical instruments, I have tried to make time for playing the tenor horn every day as I have been missing brass band practice with Croy Silver Band.  Playing every day has helped and I have been pleased at my progress (I only went back to music 11 months ago after a 17 year break and am so glad I did). The xylophone was a spur of the moment Lockdown purchase...craziest Lockdown purchase ever? I bring out the xylophone when I am feeling frustrated, it's very cathartic hitting something that makes such a beautiful sound.

During Lockdown I found doing cross stitches and pencil sketches to be really relaxing.  The only thing I didn't manage to fit into my picture was my TV, this would have been my final item as I love to relax by watching boxsets or films with my family.

When laying out all my items I also tried to reflect my personality, I like patterns but can sometimes be a little bit messy this is why everything is not placed perfectly, I also love shiny, sparkly and bold colours which is why I chose this background. This was a fun challenge I really enjoyed thinking about what things I had used it's like a little snapshot of life in a strange time".


This challenge was created by Denny High School Art department which Grace took part in during Lockdown.  We loved the idea so much we wanted to join in the fun and share here.


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