Children’s Commission: Young People’s Voices in Strategic Planning – Phase 2

Falkirk Bairns

In March and April 2020 over 200 young people took part in Phase 1 of Young People's Voices in Strategic Planning.  

In phase 1 we asked five questions about what makes your days good or bad. To see the full results of Phase 1 please see the article: 

Children’s Commission: Young People’s Voices in Strategic Planning – Phase 1 Results

Young People’s Voices in Strategic Planning – Phase 2 Questions

It is your right to be involved in decisions that affect you and we need your input to help develop plans for the future.  Please help us by answering the questions in the two surveys below.

Anyone taking part in these surveys can claim Young Scot points for their participation.  Each survey is worth 100 Young Scot Points.  Please email the Falkirk CLD Team at to receive the codes for these.  You can also be entered into a prize draw to win Just Eat vouchers, just enter your email address in the surveys below.

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Falkirk Children's Rights Plan:


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Falkirk Integrated Children's Services Plan:


Any questions regarding the surveys or the results from Phase 1 please email:


Taking part in these surveys are worth 100 points each.

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