Vocab: Spring | Briathrachas: An Earrach

Is e an earrach aon de na h-amannan as brèagha den bhliadhna. Tha flùraichean a’ fàs agus tha uain a’ mèilich air na h-achaidhean. Sa bhriathrachan seo gheibh thu faclan a ghabhas cleachdadh nuair a thathar a’ bruidhinn mun earrach.


Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Flowers are growing and there are lambs bleating in the fields. In this glossary you’ll find words that can be used when talking about spring.

List of Gaelic spring words with English on the left and Gaelic translations on the right. A text version is available below for screen-readers.

Faclan an Earraich | Spring Words

April | An Giblean

Allergies | Aileirdsidhean

Bee | Seillean

Bloom/blossom | Blàth

Breeze | Oiteag

Butterfly | Dealan-dè

Calf | Laogh

Chick | Iseag

Daffodil | Lus a’ chrom-chinn

Easter | A’ Chàisg

Egg | Ugh

Flowers | Flùraichean

Grass | Feur

Green | Uaine

Grow | Fàs

Hay fever | am Fiabhras-feòir

June | An t-Òg-mhìos

Lamb | Uan

Sunlight | Solas na grèine

March | Am Màirt

May | An Cèitean

Nest | Nead

Pollen | Poilean

Rain | Uisge

Rainbow | Bogha-froise

Rain shower | Fras uisge

Spring | An t-earrach

Spring clean(ing) | Cartadh-Cèitein

Shoot/sprout | Seot

Vernal equinox | Co-fhad-thràth an earraich


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