Vocab: Exercise | Briathrachais: Eacarsaich

Whether you’re trying to get in shape or just wanting to get moving and have a bit of fun there’s a whole set of vocabulary that you’ll come across when exercising. Here’s a list of 30 common ‘Exercise Words’ so you can can learn them in Gaelic.

Ma tha thu airson a’ feuchainn ri bhith fallain, no ma tha thu dìreach airson beagan spòrs a’ ghabhail, tha e cudromach na faclan ceart a bhith agad ma tha thu airson eacarsaich a’ dhèanamh tro mheadhan na Ghàidhlig.

Infographic showing list of 30 words relating to exercise on the left with their Gaelic translations on the right.

Exercise Words | Faclan Eacarsaich

Active | Gnìomhaireach

Agility | Lùthaireachd

Body | Bodhaig

Climb | Streap

Cycling | Rothaireachd

Dancing | Dannsadh

Endurance | Fulangas

Energy | Lùthas

Exercise | Eacarsaich

Flexibility | Sùbailteachd

Gymnasium | Taigh-Sunntais

Health | Slàinte

Healthy | Fallain/Slàinteil

Hiking | Coiseachd

Jumping | Leumnach

Press-up| Putadh-Suas

Pull-Up | Tarraing-Suas

Recovery | Ath-Shlànachadh

Resistance | Bacadh

Running | Ruith

Sit-Ups | Suidhe-À-Laighe

Stamina | Smiodam

Strength | Neart

Stretching | Searradh

Strong | Làidir

Sweat | Fallas

Swimming | Snàmhach

Walking | Coiseachd

Warming-Up | Teasachadh

Weights | Cuideaman


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