Election Vocabulary | Briathrachas Taghadh Pàrlamaid

Here is some vocabulary that comes in useful if talking about elections.

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Seo agaibh beagan briathrachais Gàidhlig gus comas a thoirt dhut bruidhinn agus leughadh mu dheidhinn Taghadhan Pàrlamaid!

A list of 30 words related to elections with English on the left hand side and Scottish Gaelic translations on the right. There is a text version below for screen readers.

Election Vocabulary | Briathrachas Taghadh Phàrlamaid

  1. Ballot box | Bogsa-bhòtaidh
  2. Ballot paper | Pàipear-bhòtaidh
  3. Campaign | Iomairt
  4. Coalition Government | Riaghaltas co-bhoinn
  5. Constituancy | Roinn-phàrlamaid
  6. Debate | Deasbad
  7. Democracy | Deamocrasaidh
  8. Devolution | tiomnadh cumhachdan
  9. Election | Taghadh
  10. Electorate | luchd-bhòtaidh
  11. First Minister | Prìomh-mhinistear
  12. Government | Riaghaltas
  13. Majority government | Riaghaltas le mòr-chuid
  14. Manifesto | Manifesto
  15. Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) | Ball Phàrlamaid na h-Alba
  16. Minister | Ministear
  17. Minority government | Riaghaltas le beag-chuid
  18. Opinion poll | Cunntas-bheachd
  19. Opposition party | Pàrtaidh-dùbhlain
  20. Party Leader | Stiùiriche a’ phàrtaidh
  21. Policy | Poileasaidh
  22. Political | Poilitigeach
  23. Political Party | Pàrtaigh poilitigeach
  24. Politician | Neach-poileataigs
  25. Politics | Poileataigs
  26. Postal Vote | Bhòt tron phost
  27. Proxy Vote | Bhòt neach-ionaid
  28. Scottish Parliament | Pàrlamaid na h-Alba
  29. Turnout | Àireamh-bhòtaidh
  30. Vote | Bhòt


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