Where Can The Money Go East Renfrewshire

Several projects have applied for money across East Renfrewshire

If you live in this area - you should vote for three projects from the area and for one Angus wide project using the Carnoustie, Monifieth and Sidlaw constituency. 



The projects that have applied for money are:


Youth Focus Group (Includeme2)

This group will be set up for youth participants who have an ASN, disability, mental health condition, disadvantaged or live in the local area.

The group will meet up weekly in the local area in an indoor venue and each will be a different topic. We will focus  on learning new skills for life, learn about a healthy lifestyle and how important food and exercise is to our bodies. Some of the new skills we will learn will be cooking, baking, exercising, IT skills, communication skills, ice breakers, building confidence, networking with others, making new friends and making it enjoyable so it becomes a fun youth group. Our environment will be a safe space for all, this is for our youth participants as well as a parent/carer to come along and network with other parents/carers. We are looking funding to purchase sports equipment, arts & crafts, stationery, books (health, cooking, baking) and water bottles

Amount Applied for: £200



Cake Baking & Decorating Project (Neighbourhood Network)

Supporting young people in East Renfrewshire to learn and share cake baking and cake decorating skills.  They would be provided with the ingredients, recipes and support to make a range of different cakes and they would use their creative talents to decorate them. All their cakes will all be showcased at an online event and shared widely on social media. We have trialled this in other areas which we work and this was a huge success.  We are looking for funding for Cake baking and decorating ingredients and Baking utensils for those that require them.

Amount Applied for: £400



7 Sisters - Barrhead Girls Group

We are a group of teenage girls who find it difficult to sustain relationships, this may be because we have a lot going on at home for example some of us are grieving the loss of an immediate family member- some of us are care experienced, some of us are young carers and some of us are school refusers and we all find it hard to go places without our wee group as some of us suffer from bad anxiety.We feel like there is a lack of things to do in our community, so we would like to go to Edinburgh Dungeons for a positive bonding experience.

Amount Applied for: £400



Discovering Nature On My Doorstep

In 2020 this project received start-up funding from Young Scot/Future Routes to buy a small amount of  equipment for recording wildlife; this included Night vision cameras, Moth Traps, Bat Detectors and Binoculars. Via the project, wildlife equipment can be borrowed free of charge by individuals, family groups and charitable organisations. Our mission is to make wildlife accessible to all through this technology.  A variety of amazing species have already been recorded with our equipment in Glasgow gardens, including badgers and fox cubs. We are looking for funding to assist with learning and engagement this includes Website plan/domain name, Wild life ID cards, Childrens activity sheets& learning resources, live nest box camera (anyone can see the baby birds live on the website)

Amount Applied for: £400



Tuesday Game Night - Rainbow Group

The group formed from the Youth Work Education Recovery Fund groups that where running throughout 2021, our members enjoyed the project so much that we formed our own Tuesday group. The group allows up to continue to meet and maintain the friendships that we made during the YWERF programme. Members of the group come from all over the local authority. The group allows us to meet in a safe space with like minded people and continue with the support network we have built. We would like to buy different materials and equipment to allow us to have a more interesting game night.  We are looking for funding for Board games Arts and crafts

Food and drink

Amount Applied for: £400



youth group (Includeme2)

We will be creating a youth club every Tues  based in batrhead. This group is aimed at youth who are suffering from social exclusion, mental health and asn. The group will provide a safe space to allow them to engage in activities which they feel most comfortable such as comic con, games, lego group etc. The aim is to allow youth to feel included in communities while also engaging them in tasks within a safe place to allow them to grow and be more confident.  We are looking for funding to purachase activity materials lego,arts craft, sports equip

Amount Applied for: £400



basketball @ broom

Many children from the broom flats get together to play basketball at broom Park. It's a time to enjoy playing basketball, chatting and having a sense of community. Most of the children live in flats so don't really have access to a garden to play in as a group. Since covid, momentum and interest has grown with around 12 local children catching up to play, relieve any stress, burn calories and get fit and just enjoy the company. We are looking for money for basketballs

coach for a few months 

Bibs and cones

Amount Applied for: £400



Get outdoors and explore!

Get outdoors and explore is a space for young bme girls aged 14 plus to meet, explore the outdoors and get fit whilst at the same time build confidence and friendships that will help build community spirit and connection. The aim is to build sisterhood when times are tough and get fit at the same time by exploring whats on our doorstep and beyond! We are looking for fund to help us buy Backpack with first aid kit, Hiking matetials, Tent and

Possibly a navigation course online


Amount Applied for: £400



Blair Atholl Jamborette

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Scouting youngsters around the world to meet and take part in activities together. An established highlight of the Scouting calendar, Blair Atholl is a structured, camp of 10 days, offering outdoor camping, communal cooking, fun, activities and skills with a side order of hard graft and coping with what the Scottish weather throws at us. The £400 will be split between the two of us. The overall cost for both of us will be £900. The funding being applied for with help ease the overall cost which is inclusive of travel, camping, food, trips and activities.

Places are strongly contested through selection trials. The event runs every 2 years, so most youngsters have one chance to qualify. 1st Barrhead Scouts are delighted 2 of us have been selected this year, this is not something we've had happen before in recent years. I have been in Scouts now for 9 years and this is the first time any of us have made it.

As a group running in the Auchenback area of Barrhead, many of our members come from lower income families. With the effects of Covid19 on jobs and every day living costs rising, meeting the camp costs is a stretch for families.

Amount Applied for: £400



ERA Teens Project

We attend a club for teenagers and we would like to be able to share some of our favourite pastimes with the others in the club.

We want to be able to do a video diary of what we do at the club to share with others and we would love to have a selection of crafting materials to allow people to take up a quiet but productive hobby.  The money would let us buy the things we need to do that. We are looking to purchase a Vlogging Camera, starter kit for Vlogging including lights and tripod, metalic caddie for crafting, crafting items, mental health ('be mindful' cards and books)


Amount Applied for: £397.48



Promoting Pronouns - LGBTQI+ Group

Here at Eastwood we are aiming to make the use of correct pronouns a part of everyday life.  A simple but effective way to do this is through promoting conversations regarding correct pronouns by wearing pronoun badges. This fantastic idea was created by the LGBTQI+ pupils at our club, from both the senior and junior stages of the school. We would like to purchase pronoun badges.

Amount Applied for: £400



Thursday Scouts help Mearns Kirk Helping Hands

The Thursday Scouts would help with a project with MKHH who's aim it is to improve health and well-being and reduce social isolation and loneliness. One project suggested was to help host a coffee morning which would not only help the well being of people but also provide the Scouts with life skills and an opportunity to make a impact in their local community.  Ingredient cost for approx 70 Scouts to help provide food (home baking, hot filled rolls, hot drinks etc) for coffee morning and equipment required (stove gas, cups, utensils, napkins, bags). Also potential for Scouts to make & sell hand made paracord keyrings or similar.

Amount Applied for: £175



Chess around East Renfrewshire

My idea is to promote chess among children. Chess is great for wellbeing and mental health. It helps with memory, with planning and problem solving skills. You don't need an expensive equipment to play chess or dedicated outdoor space. The biggest challenge is to have someone that can explain the rules, help you to understand them and play with you. I am looking to but 10 chess sets and £15 each.


Amount Applied for: £150



Sunroom Revamp (Mearns Castle High School S4 MCHS Personal Development)

MCHS has a room called the sunroom which is designed as a safe space for all pupils across the school who struggle to develop their school social life, or maybe just want somewhere safe to hang out at break or lunch times across the week. It is also used for 1:1 support/ guidance and breakfast/nurture club. We want to be able to revamp this room with upgrades including new arts and crafts materials, Cosay décor to make the room more comfortable and welcoming for the people who use it. We would also like to be able to have more activities to do like more games etc. We feel this is a great chance for the room to be able to develop to its best ability and for the people who use it to be involved into the space that the pupils would benefit most.

Amount Applied for: £400



Rights for Youth Edinburgh Day Out

Our Group is focused on the rights of the child and how they are met in local areas. We decided we wanted to go on a day out to Edinbrugh to get a tour of the Scottish parliament and get something nice to eat, we also wanted to use some of the money to get group jumpers to publicise.

Amount Applied for: £400



Recycle Awareness - Climate Action Group

We want to publicise recycling and promote the idea to our community. We want to raise awareness of the benefits that recycling has to our planet with the hope that others will see the change they can make by putting their rubbish in the right bins in order to do this we would like £400 towards promotional resources

Amount Applied for: £400



Trampolining Trip - Woodie Bois (Woodfarm High School)

We our a s3 class at woodfarm high school  who focuses on personal development eg. Mental health.  This trip would include us going to AIR THRILL in East Kilbride to devolve our team bonding skills 

After planning this in PD this would also include a meal for all participants  and that is the best response we could give this trip would also make us all come together and enjoy a fun time for all  and would be good for everyone to come together and it would include a mental health break for those who might be struggling and would let us all have peace in the class as covid may have hit peoples mental health so it will help you devolve friend bonding .

Amount Applied for: £310



Saga SafeSpace

By working with LGBT charities within Scotland/UK, we could put together a small-scale event that could provide a safe and monitored space for LGBT & questioning youth to feel seen and recognised as well as be a safe space for straight allies to show their support or learn more about the community itself.

This could be done in the Barrhead Community Museum where the group itself is located, as it has multiple floors with many rooms and a café beside it that could partner with us during the event. Local businesses and charities could donate, partner with us or advertise at the event alongside some soothing live music, the opportunity to play video games, hear educational speeches, have group discussions, enjoy food and drinks, with interactive activities such as Q&A sessions, drag and make-up, raffles and LGBT themed giveaways.

Amount Applied for: £400


When the vote opens on Sunday6th March at midnight you can vote