Why Might Someone Be Worried about You?

People might worry about you if they think you are being harmed in any way at all. This could be:

  • If your needs are not being met. This could include food, warmth, clothing or good hygiene 
  • If you're being left on your own or are asked to look after younger children a lot 
  • If someone has hit, kicked, punched, burned or scalded you 
  • If someone has spoken to you (face to face, on a mobile phone or computer) inappropriately in a sexual way 
  • If someone has kissed or touched you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable 
  • If someone is always criticising or ignoring you 
  • If you are made to feel frightened or unhappy a lot of the time 
  • If you are living in the same house as another person who has harmed a child or young person in the past 
  • If you see a lot of a person who has harmed a child or young person in the past 
  • If your health is not being looked after properly and you are not being taken to a doctor, dentist or hospital when you should 

Social Workers and Police Officers have a duty to make sure that you are safe and not at risk of harm. It is their job to find out what's happening to you. Once they have looked into this the following may happen:

  • Nothing - as your family can keep you safe and look after you properly
  • Offering you and the person looking after you some help to keep you safe 
  • a meeting called a child protection case conference to plan what is needed to help keep you safe and properly looked after.
  • If they decide that you are not safe or are at risk of being harmed then they may start a Child Protection Inquiry.