Who Might Be Worried about You?

There are people for whom your personal safety is a top concern.


All police officers are alert to any potential risks for children and young people in any situation in which they become involved. They will, for example, pay particular attention to the needs of any children who may be in a house where there are concerns about domestic abuse or where there is alcohol or drug misuse. 

The Dundee Family Protection Unit is a specialised team of police CID officers within Tayside Police. The team works jointly with the social work department's child protection team. 

Along with social work colleagues, Tayside Police has the lead role assessing and managing any risk that there might be from people who have been convicted of sexual offences against both adults and children and young people. 

Social Workers 

Some people think that social workers just want to take children away from their families. But the role of social workers who work with children & young people is to make sure that they are properly cared for. 

Telling a Sheriff or a Children's Hearing that a child or young person shouldn't live at home is always the last resort. That will only happen if it looks like it's unsafe for you to stay there.

Once social workers have been told about concerns about you, they will work together with colleagues in police, education, health and other services that are involved to decide what is the best way of helping you.

So, we know who might be worried about you, but what are the reasons someone may be worried about your safety?