What is a Child Protection Case Conference?

A Child Protection Case Conference is a meeting arranged if there are serious concerns that you are not being kept safe or looked after properly. 

What is the purpose of a Case Conference? 

  • To share information about a child or young person and their family
  • To talk about the worries and how to help
  • To decide if a child or young person's name should be on the Child Protection Register
  • To plan what is needed to make sure children and young people are safe and looked after properly

Who will be at the Conference? 

  • Parents or carers
  • Friends or family members who can help
  • Workers who know the child or young person that people are concerned about. This will include, for example, a teacher, school nurse, social worker, doctor
  • Children or young people who are old enough to understand and who want to attend, will be invited to the Conference

In Dundee, you can also speak to the Care and Protection Engagement Officer who can support you to put together your views and either go with you to the Conference or go on your behalf. The Engagement Officer can also meet with you after the Conference to discuss how you feel about the decisions that were made. If you’d like to find out more, you can phone or text Jane Greenshields on 01382 349914 or 07921056131

What if I don't want to go along? 

It is important that people at the Conference know what children and young people think. If a young person can't go to the Conference, their social worker or other workers who know them well, will be happy to talk about what the young person thinks and what they want said on their behalf at the Conference.

You can get a leaflet from your social worker that asks you the following questions:

  • What are the good things about living in your family? 
  • What are the things you find difficult? 
  • Who in your family helps you most? 
  • What do you think would help you and your family? 

If it is decided that you are not being kept safe, then one of the things that may happen is that your name is placed on the Child Protection Register.