What Are Your Rights?

In Scotland you are protected by the Children Scotland Act 1995 and the Protection of Children Scotland Act 2003. More details can be found in a document called "It's Everybody's Job To Make Sure I'm All Right".

You are also protected by The UN Convention on The Rights of the Child (and young people) which states that children and young people have the right to be protected from abuse.

Abuse can come in various forms, including:

Physical - is where children or young people are hurt or injured. It includes hitting, kicking and beating. These can cause pain, cuts, bruising or broken bones 

Emotional - includes making threats and not giving love and attention. All of these can really damage your confidence and the way you feel about yourself 

Sexual - happens when you are persuaded or forced into sexual acts or situations 

Neglect - occurs when the people responsible for caring for you don't make sure that your basic needs are met for example food, warmth, medical care, clothing and good hygiene 

It's everybody's job to make sure that children and young people are protected, and there are people whose jobs it is to keep you safe.