Film Review - Bohemian Rhapsody

Venue: Cineworld

Certificate: 12

Directed by: Brian Singer

What is the film about?

The film was about the band Queen and how they came together, their music and in particular the life of Freddy Mercury.

Who were the main characters?

Freddy: Eccentric, carried away with the lifestyle, crazy

Mary: Kind, Caring

Freddy’s Dad: Not very supportive

Paul: Sneak, leads Freddy astray, possessive

Brian: Talented


The film was partly shot when the band was on tour and the rest was showing the story behind the scenes. It held your interest and was enjoyable to watch. I would recommend the film but more for people aged 50 + or people that enjoy Queen’s music.


Lennon: 7/10 “Interesting but not my type of music.”

Rose: 10/10 “Really good but sad at the end.”

Henry: 9/10 “Very Good.”

Margaret: 6/10 “I thought it was ok.”

Candice: 10/10 “I liked the music.”

Helen:7/10 “Not my scene but a good story.”

Norma: 9/10 “I thought it was very good.”

Lizzie: 10/10 “ It was awesome but a bit loud.”

Kelsey: 8/10 “I learnt more about Queen.”

Sheila 10/10 “I loved the music.”


Thanks to our friends at Dundee Cineworld.