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At NHS Tayside Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, we understand how important it is, when young people are having problems with their emotional health and wellbeing or a suspected mental health problem, to have access to good information. Young people need to be able to read about mental health problems and their symptoms, have information about services that can help and support them and be able to access evidence based self help approaches.   


In 2020 CAMHS held a webpage survey, asking young people and their families to tell us what information they needed.  We developed the new page under the guidance of that feedback.   CAMHS relaunched its service webpage in April of this year .  The webpage and the service will continue to grow and change as feedback from young people and their families is received.  


You can see that website here please take a look BEFORE completing the survey below


We are asking for 10 minutes of your time to give us your feedback once again to help guide future improvement work.  Please help us get it right for you, by taking part in our online survey. 


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