Child Protection Register

What is the Child Protection Register? 

Every area in Scotland has a Child Protection Register which is held by the social work department. The Register is a list of names. A child or young persons name is placed on the Register when there are serious concerns about their safety or serious concerns about how they are being looked after. Just because your name has been added to the Register it doesn't mean you will always be on it.

Who can get information from the Child Protection Register? 

Only people who need to know information so that they can help protect a child or young person from harm. 

What is the purpose of the Child Protection Register? 

If a child or young person's name is on the Child Protection Register, professionals such as doctors, teachers, social workers, nurses who have that information, will understand the child or young person needs extra help and protection. Once a person's name is placed on the register...

  • the professionals
  • the child or young person
  • the parents or carers 

...are all expected to work together to make sure the person is safe and looked after properly.

What will happen when my name is on the Register?

Whilst your name is on the Register there will be a Child Protection Plan written which states the things that different people will need to do to help improve the situation. Some of the people who may be involved in this are named in the Who might be worried about you? section. The Plan will also include what you will have to do. You will always get a copy of your Plan.

When will my name be taken off the Register?

Your name will be taken off the Register once all the people involved, including you, are happy that the risks to your safety have been reduced.

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