Detached Youth Work

Detached youth work is characterised by meaningful and purposeful interaction between young people and youth workers. Generally it begins from where young people are in terms of the issues they face and their particular social, educational and developmental needs.

In Clackmannanshire the work has been focussed upon building positive relationships with both young people and their wider community, providing: support, advice and guidance and facilitating their involvement with the development of the community in  terms of establishing Projects, activities and facilities. The ethos underpinning this has been to both meet need and address wider concerns of community safety and cohesion.

The detached teams prioritise contact with young people who may be considered vulnerable or at risk, this has enabled the detached workers to involve this target grouping with community projects like the current Alloa Skate Park development, promote groupwork projects which have been accredited through: The John Muir Award, Dynamic Youth Award and Youth Achievement Awards and supported young people to access other personal development opportunities and relevant services provided by the wider Youth work Team.

A key feature of Detached Youth work is to encourage partnership approaches to dealing with young peoples and the wider communities issues and concerns. This most recently has seen a coordinated approach to dealing with community safety issues effecting young people in Sauchie where detached youth work staff, the Police and Community Wardens have  worked together at weekends to reduce the incidence of young people engaging in risk taking behaviour. Youth Services will further respond through examining opportunities to develop longer term Project work in the area and facilitate the involvement of other local voluntary agencies with this process.

Detached youth workers provide young people with accessible support and reliable information on their own territory and on their own terms, the work is non judgementaland is neutral in terms of authority but also demands a high level of discretion and integrity. The issues dealt with by local detached workers include; training and employment, developing groupwork projects, providing advice on issues like alcohol and substance missuse and often it involves signposting young people to other services or agencies.

Currently detached youth work is taking place on Thursdays 6pm-9pm in Tullibody & Clackmannan and on Fridays 6pm-9pm in Alloa & Sauchie .

For further information please contact John  Hosie 07817032006 or Tosh Scott 07896271860