Vocab: Christmas | Briathrachas: Nollaig

Here are some Gaelic words you can learn and use over the Christmas period!

Seo agad liosta faclan as urrainn dhut a chleachdadh tharais air an Nollaig!

Gaelic Christmas words infographic with English on the left and Gaelic translations on the right. There is a text version below.

Winter Words | Faclan Geamhraidh

Advent Calendar | Mìosachan na Nollaig

Angel | Aingeal

Bells | Clagan

Boxing Day | Là Fhèill Steafain

Candy Cane | Cuilcean Siùcair

Card | Cairt

Carol | Caireall

Chestnuts | Castanan

Christmas Eve | Oidhche na Nollaig

Christmas Day | Là na Nollaig

Christmas Pudding | Duf na Nollaig

Christmas Tree | Craoibh na Nollaig

Cracker | Cnacair

Decorating | Sgeadachadh

Eggnog | Bainne-Bodaich

Holly | Cuileann

Holidays | Làithean-saora

Jumper | Geansaidh

Lights | Solais

Merry Christmas | Nollaig Cridheil

Mistletoe | Uil-ìoc

Nativity | Breith Chrìost

Presents | Prèasantan

Reindeer | Fiadh-Lochlannach

Santa Calus | Bodach na Nollaig

Star | Rionnag

Stocking | Stocainn

Tinsel | Soillsean

Turkey | Cearc-Fhrangach

Wreath | Figheachan

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