Why Valentine's Day Is Pointless By Ellie Prouse

As you know valentines days was a couple of weeks ago and i find it pointless, so i am going to tell you my reasons why i think valentines day is pointless.

It can make people who aren't in relationships feel unloved. It is bad enough that you always get reminded that you are alone everyday as you pass couples who hold hands but now you have to deal with a whole day dedicated to cheesy songs and movies and happy girls who are holding a giant teddy bear and getting chocolate hearts. Barf.

It gives those who are in a relationship a reason to stress out. We end up spending loads of money for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, and now we are expected more money on a random day in February. It is a day where we make plans, got to get the girl roses, and get her chocolates, and ohhh and you can't forget those expensive dinner reservations and a day where you start getting frustrated to make sure the day is perfect.

It empowers gender stereotypes. For men, Valentine's day is a day where they end up showing how much they love their girl. For women, valentine's day is a day where they sit back and relax as their guys give them a perfect night. Valentine's day will feed into stereotype that men are dominant in the relationship. Here is this powerful, strong man giving everything that i have even wanted. Without him i would be lost. So totally wrong! When it comes to relationships girls and guys should be equal. Not just one person doing more in the relationship than the other. 

People who propose on valentine's day. How about a little more of originality? Girls always expect to be proposed on valentine's day, which would take the surprise from it all. Also, it is something that everyone does, so why would you want one of the most important days of your life be shared with tons of other people? 

Cupid is creepy. Um... a man dressed up as a winged baby in a diaper, following you everywhere you go until you meet your match and then follow you and your lover around, shooting you with a sharp love heart arrows?