Why Marvel is Better than DC by Terri Simpson

Stan Lee’s cameos

One word- Legend. We will all remember him.

The creator, heart and soul of the MCU makes a single appearance in every single Marvel film to date. Marvel fans are always on the lookout for him in the films. However, he sadly passed away earlier in 2019 and his final cameo will be in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In DC there is no appearance from any of the writers/ creators making it less unique.


There is more representation of people of colour in Marvel. There are more ethnicities of heroes for example, War Machine, Falcon and Black Panther. However, in DC, people of colour are more commonly “sidekicks”, for example, Diggle and Joe.

Strong Female Leads

Marvel has amazing female characters, appearing in almost every film, for example; Black Widow, Pepper Potts, Shuri and Captain Marvel. However, DC there is only one prominent female lead in the films; Wonder Woman.


Marvel has incorporated 22 films and a number of TV shows into one cinematic storyline. However, DC has only had one episode of crossover in each season of their TV shows and has only managed to successfully intertwine a few films.

Committed Actors

Marvel rarely recasts actors and actors such as Robert Downey Jr have been involved in the MCU from the beginning. Also, if a major character wants to leave the franchise, they get skilfully written out. However, in DC the constantly recast actors for their films.

More Teams

In Marvel, there are more alliances that are established and developed before being incorporated into the major storyline; the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men, Fantastic 4, A-Force, Defenders and Inhumans. However, in DC, there are only three major teams established; Justice League, Teen Titans and Suicide Squad.

Consistent releases

Marvel consistently releases up to three films a year, whereas DC has no apparent consistency in their releases.

End Credits scenes

In Marvel almost every film has a scene at the end of the credits which hints at the events of the next film in the franchise or provides a link between films. Marvel fans wait impatiently in cinemas for the credits to end. This is a very clever method of getting creators recognition for their hard work by making people sit through credits when they would normally just leave the cinema or stop the film. There is nothing of the sort in DC.

More relatable characters

Marvel’s heroes face tough challenges that any person could go through such as mental health issues. For example, Captain America’s PTSD or Iron Man’s depression. However, in DC, they focus more on the physical challenges rather than the emotion/mental which makes them less relatable.

Better casting

Marvel chooses actors wisely and the actors they choose are always perfectly suited to the role and it is almost impossible to imagine the characters being portrayed by any other actors. However, in DC the characters are changed so often that we do not get a chance to get used to the actors.

Better relationships

There is more of a build up to the relationships of Marvel than in DC and the protagonists do not always succeed to win over the other’s affection. For example, Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff. There is definite chemistry but they do not actually officially become a couple. This is more relatable than DC because if the main character has a romantic interest, they almost always end up with them which is not realistic.

You can actually see what’s happening in MCU films

The lighting of Marvel films is brighter and the quality of the picture is also shot from better angles. It is a lot easier to see what is going on in the film. However, in DC the lighting of shots is a lot darker and there is too many different perspectives so it is more difficult to see the film.

There is humour in Marvel

Marvel films are naturally funny and many of the jokes made in the film are improvised. For example;

In Infinity War: ‘You’ve copied my beard’- Thor upon seeing Captain America’s newly grown beard

‘And I’ll do you one better, why is Gamora’- Drax when he first meets Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Stephen Strange.


Marvel villains are more complex and are also characters we love even though they are meant to be evil. E.g. Loki Laufeyson. Also, in DC, each character has their own specific villain and they are the only ones whom they fight against but in Marvel, each character has their own villains as well as greater enemies which all the heroes share. For example, Thanos

Better character development

Almost every character has their own films before the big crossovers, or at least have been introduced to us beforehand. Also, each character is introduced in the film prior to their major appearance in the crossover or their first solo film. For example, Black Widow in Iron Man 2 before Avengers and Hawkeye in Thor. Whilst Hawkeye’s appearance was brief, it was still enough to establish him as a significant character. In DC, there was not enough of a build up to the introduction of a character, it was like they were all thrown at us in Justice League.

Marvel has better storytelling

With Marvel, it has a wider range of characters which allows for stories to develop more and creates a greater suspense through the linking of each film to the next. There was a build up to Infinity War through the introduction of the infinity stones from the beginning when no-one was aware of their significance. For example, the Tesseract (Space stone) which was the main focus of the Avengers and the Orb (Power stone) which was the main focus of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not based on a final battle

In DC, all the problems of the characters are solved with a final major battle. However, in Marvel one of the characters’ problems may have been solved by the battle but they still have many problems ahead.

Marvel continues to expand their universe whereas DC sticks to the same characters

DC focuses more on their original main heroes; Batman and Superman. However, Marvel continues to introduce new heroes and make new additions to their original heroes and teams. For example, Spider-Man being initiated into the Avengers.

Marvel films are not predictable

When you watch a DC film, they usually end happily when the heroes succeed in their mission to defeat the villain. However, in Marvel the heroes do not always succeed in saving everyone and lose many people in their attempt; they do not always end happily. Also, Marvel keeps you on the edge of you seat but DC becomes slow during the middle and doesn’t pick up until the end of the film.

And finally just because it is.