Who are we? A poem about love and relationships

Who are we?

By Ellie Prouse

(Inspired by A Song)


Turn your life around

Because your soul needs saving 

And you have been sinning around the city

You’re in so much trouble

And all your lovers are losing control

I always seem to keep saving you


But there is only so much I can do

And I want a good life

But I don’t know if that is with you

Because I don’t know how long

I can hold onto you


You don’t even know what we are

Are we even together?

Do you love me?


You are everywhere, but also nowhere

Why are you always getting yourself in trouble

Why can’t you just be with me

Don’t I deserve it


I don’t think I can do this anymore

Don’t you want a good life

What’s the point being with you

If I’m not one of your priorities 


We don’t do anything anymore

Are we together or not

Do you love me?


When the stars come out

Staring right at them

Am I the only good soul out there?

I can feel you bringing me down

I need something good in my life right now


We could be watching the stars together

And watching the sunset coming up

Couldn’t we do this together?


I am searching for the best and worst in my life

I feel like a stranger when I am next to you

You put me in danger everywhere we go


You do all the right things, but also the wrong things

You are a person who I don’t recognise anymore

How can I be with someone who I don’t trust


I don’t want to do this anymore

I want to be out of your life

I am just done with you

So do me a favour 

And leave me alone

Get out of my life


I have one question for you though

I need to know

Did you love me?