Where Can the Money Go in Brechin and Montrose?

Several projects have applied for money in Brechin and Montrose.

If you live in this area - you can vote for three projects from the area and for one Angus-wide project.


The Brechin and Montrose based projects are:

Street Games - £3,000

Street Games was put together in with the aim to allowing the mid to late teens the platform to show how amazing they really are and what capabilities they have. We have a selection of 6 Team Leaders - from our Junior Team Leader who is nearly 12 to our oldest Team Leader who is nearly 17 and now left school. One evening a week we welcome all ages from P7 up until 18 years old (and you don’t have to be at school to come along) to come along and join us for Street Games such as Dodge ball, Football, touch Rugby and general games or just to socialise with other youngsters. You don’t have to run about - you are more than welcome to come along for a chat and to have a safe welcoming space to be teenagers. We also have one off events. The massive difference with Street Games is our Team Leaders run the evenings, from welcoming those who come along to putting together and leading the ‘games’ and ensuring everyone is included in a friendly atmosphere.

Street Games is for the mid to late teen age group (an age which is missed in the town) to show how amazing they are leading games and events and maintain a safe area for that age group to 'hang out'. Our hope is to have a specific building for this age group, somewhere as a base which would be staffed by Team Leaders. Somewhere safe and warm in the winter months to just hang with friend and listen to tunes. We will continue with our weekly 'games' for everyone to enjoy

Brechin Youth Project: The Attic - £2,000

The Attic is a Youth Drop In Centre for people aged 12 years old and over offering a safe and friendly environment for young people with music, pool and internet access.
Over 1000 young people in Brechin use the space as a meeting place. We are open every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 6.30pm and 10pm.
Everyone is welcome to come and hang out with other young people or take part in activities. Come in and chat with friends or join in with activities. We have a range of games and activities happening, and we also have organisations and people coming in to run one-off events or practical courses.

The young people would like to continue a cooking programme which will look at being healthy, affordable, achievable, and sustainable but also something that will bring on confidence and independence within the young people. It will also provide volunteering opportunities, peer mentoring, employability skills, budgeting and time keeping.

YMCA - £1,500

YM Comedy Club wish to engage young people in a new, innovative programme, designed to support their confidence and emotional wellbeing.

Participants will learn to understand the benefit of laughter, to the wellbeing of themselves and others, such as its ability to reduce stress and hormone levels, improve health and promote happiness.

Those engaging in the programme will benefit from age appropriate comedy shows and tuition, and will be challenged by mentors to develop a 'routine' which they will perform to older members of our society such as those living with long term conditions, in social isolation and/or in residential care.

Resource Team: Brechin Community Campus - £3,000

Supporting Health and Wellbeing

The project aims to support health and wellbeing through opportunity in using art, drama, outdoors and pet therapies.
We aim to deliver in partnership with others sessions which will allow young people to be become more resilient and confident to participate within the local community and school settings.
The project will deliver one to one support and group support where necessary depending on the young person’s issues or concerns. This will allow better and more meaningful relationships whereby young people have space and time to talk without being judged.

Strathmore Rugby Club - £2,400

Strathmore Rugby Club Community Trust is an organisation that uses rugby to improve people’s lives in our local community (Forfar, Kirriemuir and Brechin). We achieve this by running projects to develop the health and wellbeing of our local community. Our projects increase the physical activity levels and improve the mental health of the participants. Our work is targeted to ensure we are engaging with the people who would most benefit from our services.

Our project idea is to run a rugby programme at Brechin HS for pupils who are disengaged from school. These pupils will generally be low in confidence, disruptive in school and at danger of leaving school with no qualifications. We will deliver rugby sessions to improve the pupil’s physical health and increase confidence and resilience. These skills will be tested by regularly involving participants in games against other schools/groups.

We will also deliver career sessions to set life goals for the participants and put them through qualifications to ensure they leave school with the best chance of gaining work.

The third aim of the project is to ensure these participants give something back to the community. They will be trained to deliver coaching sessions and we will be looking for them to deliver sessions to primary school pupils in Brechin.

Brechin Matters - £3,000

Brechin Matters began in 2017 as a group of S4 pupils, who are now in S6. It had run in previous years where pupils had looked at the provisions for young mothers in Brechin. When the new group started we decided to change direction slightly and look at the mental wellbeing of staff and pupils at Brechin High School. We discovered that there is great need for more understanding of mental wellbeing not only in school but also in the local community. This led to the group focusing on improving mental wellbeing education in school as targeting young people first will help the message be spread throughout the entire community. We are working to remove the stigma that surrounds mental wellbeing so people feel more able to recognise when they are struggling and be open to talk about it and seek help.

Brechin Matters have been working on removing the stigma around mental wellbeing. In November 2018 we held a Wellbeing Day in school that involved such activities as a whole school breakfast to promote communication and glow in the dark dodge ball as physical activity is imperative to good mental wellbeing. Since then we have begun working more within the community starting with parent and child cooking classes. Through both of these activities we were working on improving mental wellbeing and removing the stigma that surrounds mental health, however we want to be able to do more and have a bigger affect.

Radio North Angus - £2,200

Radio North Angus is the local commercial radio service broadcasting on FM, DAB, and online entirely on a voluntary basis, 16 hours per day, with the remit to promote education, welfare, health, voluntary organisations, and the local economy. We have transmitters based at Arbroath, Brechin High, Carnoustie High, Montrose Academy, Monifieth High, and Whitehills in Forfar, with studios in Arbroath, Carnoustie High, and Montrose Academy, and plan to open a studio in Brechin High, and to expand our transmission field at Monifieth High in the near future.

As part of our education remit, we are engaged in an Education Radio Project designed for pupils to conduct music radio programming where they can acquire self-development, self-confidence, and media skills, whilst promoting a sense of community involvement by promoting prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, dangers of online abuse, and health promotion, etc., specifically affecting young people. Messages are also broadcast encouraging young people to be involved in various organisations and projects in their respective communities. We have trained two pupils from Brechin High recently, who have had to travel to our Arbroath radio station to conduct programming.
The Head Teacher has allocated accommodation within the school for RNA to open a radio studio in the near future to attract Brechin High pupils to join our service.

The Angus-wide projects are:

Through Care and Aftercare Team - £2,880

Through Care and Aftercare support care experienced young people in transition to independent living; these young people might have lived in foster care or residential homes away from their own family. The team offer support with all areas of young peoples' lives i.e. housing issues, educational opportunities, positive health and wellbeing/substance misuse, practical, financial and emotional support.

Care leavers often have limited family support and finances which can result in loneliness and isolation. Additional funding would allow the team to offer care leavers the opportunity to participate in everyday activities and experiences that most young people take for granted i.e. go out for a meal in a restaurant, enjoy day trips/group outings, go to the cinema.... Being able to enjoy the 'normal' things in life will reduce isolation, boost mental well-being and promote positive inclusion. Additional money would allow the team to support young people to have social experiences similar to their peers that they otherwise they might not have.

Angus Open Unit DofE - £2,500

Angus Open Unit - Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The Award is a game changer as it offers young people the chance to develop skills for life and work and also helps to form long lasting friendships. Through the programme of volunteering, physical and skills based challenges they choose to undertake helps to inspire guide and support young people to achieve. The Open Unit is not school based and is open to any young person living and working in Angus.

The cost of expedition kit can be a barrier for some to join the Award. We would like to help this by allowing participants to borrow the most expensive part of the expedition kit - walking boots and waterproofs for their expedition. Any kit bought would last a number of years allowing many young people to benefit from this kit.

Police Scotland: Looked After Children - £1,000

By working on a voluntary one to one basis to deliver a cross section of varied diversionary activities aimed specifically at young people who are in care or within the family home who regularly come to Police attention through unsafe behaviour or criminality.

The activities will be chosen by the young people concerned based on their respective choice with cognisance of ability, aptitude and or identified skills with any risk(s) being managed responsibly.

With the funding provided this will allow much more flexibility of choice of activities whilst permitting more vulnerable young people within our community to participate.

The Revels of Angus - £1,300

The Revels of Angus is an equalities group with an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) focus. The group aims to provide young people with a safe space where they can come together and explore their identity and LGBT issues. The group is led by young people and meets weekly during term time with support from Angus Council Communities and Dundee and Angus College staff. Young people identify common interests and issues that affect them and consider how they might explore these. Last year the group spent time raising awareness of LGBT issues in their community and of the support available to young people.

We want to raise awareness of the group and other support available to young people in Angus. We will pilot the project in Montrose YMCA where a volunteer from the group will be present at employability drop in’s to talk to young people about support available and signpost them to the group they run and other organisations and websites that can help them. The volunteer will work closely with drop in staff to help encourage young people to talk with them. They will also create an information leaflet to make sure these messages reach as many young people as possible.

Strathmore Rugby Club - £3,000

Strathmore Rugby Club Community Trust is an organisation that uses rugby to improve the lives of our local community (Forfar, Kirriemuir and Brechin). We achieve this by running projects that focus on improving the Health and Wellbeing of our local community. Our projects tackle physical health as well as mental health. We also aim to target underactive groups such as people with a disability and young people living in poverty. All of our activities are free of charge.

Last year we started a short project to deliver rugby sessions aimed towards young people with autism. The project was a great success so wish to run this programme all year round. Our autism rugby project is open to all young people in Angus with a diagnosis of Autism.

The sessions have been specially designed to cater for the young people’s needs. Participants are told and shown pictures of the session prior to attending to ensure they are comfortable with the environment. Our coaches are also trained in Makaton and other specific autism training to be able to deliver the programme and use picture cards to help communicate with the young people without speaking. This is because young people with autism sometimes struggle to communicate verbally.

Our sessions run every week and we run 2 sessions per week. This means we can cater for 48 young people with autism every week.

Skilz Academy - £3,000

Skilz Academy (SC047883) is a local registered charity and our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals and local communities by providing a diverse range of opportunities that promote Health and Wellbeing for ALL. We do this by being a creative, understanding and pro-active charity, with the core values of honesty, integrity and compassion.

UV Sport and Physical Activity is glow in the dark using UV lights and equipment, to create a unique, fun environment for young people (aged 8-18) to enjoy sport and physical activity. We have successfully ran a programme within Arbroath two evenings per week, with sessions being free and extremely popular. We would like to extend this programme during evenings across Angus towns. These sessions would run during evenings, be free to attend and activities on offer would include dance, netball, dodge ball, basketball, football and many more. We would like young people to volunteer to help lead these sessions.

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