What is Love

Love is a strange thing, you don't expect it you want it but never seek it and when you have it it takes you off guard and your just not sure what  to do with it.

The day it appears Nothing is ever the same the days with love are filled with laughter and happiness and companionship but also shared loss and grief that is made easier because you don't have to do it alone.

Its the most raw emotion you can feel and it clouds all others, Love makes you feel like writing songs and scaling mountains just to prove yourself.

Ask anyone who has ever been in love and they will tell you the same thing, love is hard and love is tough but it is beautiful and should be fought for.

Love is also terrifying its unpredictable and fast and half the time you have absolutely no idea whats going on.

I spent the entire year trying to figure out what I was gonna do for valentines day and only knew what I was doing about five days prior.

But no matter what love comes first in all matters.