Thought Of Getting Home By Ellie Prouse

Worse part of my summer holiday was going to the Barcelona airport to go back home but our flight kept getting delayed until it was announced that the flight we were going on got cancelled. When we arrived at the desk they told us that there is no other Scotland flight till Wednesday and it was Saturday night! They said there is a flight that goes to Liverpool at Reus.

So that night we had to stay at the airport till the morning. Me and my family were sleeping at the airport until the officers at the airport started to kick us awake and was telling us that we had to move at 4:30am. We sat at the chairs until 8am to get a train from Barcelona to Salou and then a taxi from Salou to Reus.

When we got in the airport, they just announced that the flight to Liverpool was also cancelled. We went to the desk and they gave us another Liverpool flight in Alicante for Tuesday. They said that they had paid for the hotel and food. The bus finally got there to go to Alicante.

We boarded and it took us 5 hours to get there. Once we got in the hotel, we checked in and got in the hotel room and we got all showered. After getting showered we all went downstairs to go and have tea. When we were having tea, we met an older couple who had a son, a grandson and a grandaughter. We hung around with them until we had to leave.

We hung around with them so that the kids could play and be friends so they weren't bored. We also hung out with them because to make the holiday a little better and we can all keep in touch when we are back home, which we all are.

Finally, it was Tuesday! We got on a bus which took us to the airport and went through the whole process again of having to register, put our suitcases through and get through security. Our flight kept getting delayed again, but after our third attempt we were finally going on the plane. When I was getting off I started to shake so I had to take my time as my legs were really shaky.

I finally found my mum and told her I'm having one of my seizures. She sat me down on the stairs and gave me some chocolate. my seizure only started because I was tired and hungry. After I ate some chocolate I started to walk again but slowly and soon my seizure passed.

When we were in the UK we got our suitcases and left the airport and found a hotel that was near the centre of town. Once we paid for the hotel, me and my mum went in one room and my mum's boyfriend and his kids were in separate room. Once me and mum got into the room we basically went to bed.

The next day my mum's boyfriends kids ended up staying with their uncle so they wouldn't be travelling anymore, so we waited until he showed up. After they left we went somewhere for lunch. While we were having lunch, we were looking to see how to get home. So we ended up getting a bus which would take 10 hours! The bus wasn't until the next day though so we ended up staying in Liverpool for a day.

All I wanted was to go home and go to bed, I was tired and stressed out. So we ended up looking for a hotel in Liverpool that was near the bus station. We found a hotel that was near the bus station, so we called a taxi and it took us to the hotel. After checking in I stayed in the hotel watching Avengers: Infinity War while my mum and her boyfriend went out. They came back so we could go out for tea. We ended up going to McDonald's. After tea we just stayed in the hotel.

On Thursday we went to the bus station and went to McDonald's for breakfast and then went to go to the bus station to go on the bus. We got on the bus that took us to Manchester. When we got to Manchester we had a while to wait, so we went to downtown in Manchester and explored. We had some lunch and then went back to the bus station and waited for the bus. We thought we had to stay in Manchester for a night as the bus kept getting delayed.

Once the bus here we got on and the bus took us to Dundee. Once we got to Dundee bus station, we waited for the next bus that took us to Arbroath. The Arbroath bus came and we went on it. Once we were at Arbroath bus station, we went on another one so it would take us closer to home. Once we got off the bus, we said goodbye to my mum's boyfriend and we all went our separate ways to go home.

We walked home with our suitcases and walked into our house and went to get something to eat but the electric was off, so the food in the freezer would be bad. So we went to the shop to get electric. We put the electric on and ended up having snacks that were in the cupboard.

We got our pyjamas on and watched TV while eating our snacks in my room and fell asleep. I was so happy to be back in my bed an get a good night sleep, but I was mostly happy that I was back home and I was happy that I was still not travelling!