The Truth about Morality by Ashley Pannell

Note: Any opinions within this article is of personal view and do not reflect the opinion of Angus Young Scot.



Everybody thinks that morality is a clean cut choice of right and wrong. Black and white. Nothing more to it, nothing less. It's just a case of that's right, this is wrong and those who don't understand that are people going down an evil path which we mustn't follow.



And sometimes, morality is like that. There are certain things in life which are undoubtedly wrong, and we shouldn't do them because they are only going to cause unnecessary suffering and pain.



But there are things which aren't quiet so clear. A lot people would say that killing is wrong, no matter who does it or why it was done, but then why do we have armies trained to kill? Why is that not morally wrong? And is it morally wrong to kill someone who was trying to kill you, or someone else? Is it wrong to kill in self-defence?



Morality isn't always black and white. Sometimes it can only be seen in shades of grey, with things that are not necessarily bad but not undoubtedly good either. Sometimes things are not good, but a necessary evil.



And then there's personal opinion, because no two people have the exact same idea about what is right and wrong in every case scenario and even if they did, they are more factors at play that just the situation alone. There are other things to think about: who's been affected, how have they been affected, could it affect more people, etc.



See, the problem with a lot of people now a days, is that they think that bad people are simply bad, and cannot be anything else but bad. They don't consider how often they were good. They don't know the circumstances of why they've done their horrible deeds. And whilst this isn't enough to redeem them for their misgivings, it seems to be enough to condemn them as nothing but a bad person.



Because here's the truth of it: deciding whether to be good or bad isn't a one-off decision. It isn't something you decide once to get it out the way. It's the constant thought process you have behind every choice you ever make. And just because you think one way in the morning, doesn't mean you can't decide otherwise at night.



Author's Note: The 'They don't consider how often they were good' line, was inspired by something my brother, Kieran, once said to me. :)