The Solution to All My Woes, a poem by Ashley Pannell, A Young Person From Angus, Scotland

I have just failed my maths exam, and an anger starts to build,

In addition to a sense of hopelessness, as my bones start to chill.

I put on the kettle, whilst I ponder the options that my mind can see,

And I stuff my face with biscuits, and enjoy a cup of tea.


I have to say a speech in an hour, and it's got me riddled with nerves,

And I try to think this through, logically, as my beverage is served.

I attempt to calm myself down, as the warm liquid runs through me,

And I let my shoulders slump, as I drink my cup of tea.


I'm leaving home tomorrow, and I cry as the tears start to slip,

And I wrap my hands around a burning cup, and take a tentative sip.

A warmth blossoms in my chest, and calls me to a deep sleep,

So I sigh deeply, walk soundly and finish my cup of tea.


I sit and watch on with resignation, as my life falls apart,

With a pained look on my face and a deep sorrow in my heart.

But then, I smile, as the kettle clicks off and happiness spreads in me,

And I know everything will be alright, as I drink my cup of tea.