The Lying Smile by Ashley Pannell

I find it rather scary, what a smile can hide,

It can obscure the truth, bring truth to lies,

Make you believe in terrible tales,

While the truth hides behind a friendly veil.


You're blind to the stories hidden behind that face,

The stories covered, fitted into place,

The sickening secrets they'll store safe with the dead,

The lies that are spun with their silvery webs.


Those unspeakable truths, and their speak able lies,

The awful candour, the ruined lives,

They're all guarded well, in the deceiver's head,

As they ensure their untruths are left unsaid.


These liars are cunning and can slip by, unknown,

Because they know how to make hell feel like home,

They cover up the bad things and hide them behind pride,

Yes, I find it rather scary, what a smile can hide.