The Dark by Cameron Brennan

Everyone once in their life has had the nightmare where you think you've woken up and you hear a noise, so you step out of bed only for a hand to grab your foot and drag you into the void that is the space under your bed. Then you wake up. Everything seems normal but for absolutely no reason, you're terrified. What if this is because you know you are not alone? What if your gut instincts know better than your rational mind? This is exactly the case. Every movement in the corner of your eye. Every footstep that never passes by. Perhaps when we're all dead out, they'll come, a-slithering, from underneath the bed.

But what about the nightmares that take a second to fade from view or the feeling about the house across the street. That's easy. Every uneasy feeling you have is right. Never think of yourself as paranoid because you're probably right. The dark is patient. The dark is clever. The dark is hungry and every so often, the dark finds someone, someone not heeding the gut feeling and it takes them.

That is not certain though. The dark is not something that works alone. The dark works with disbelief and the obsessed. Do not fear the dark. Only observe the way it works. If you understand it, there is nothing to fear. The downside is when you understand the dark, the light is what scares you. This is something you do have to fear. Because once you fear the light, you become that which others fear... a goth.