Tell Me by Ashley Pannell

If I'm cold and distant, tell me,

I'll be warm and kind.

If I'm hurting you, tell me.

I'll stop.  

If I already did, tell me,

I'll make it right.

If you're sad, tell me,

I'll make you laugh.

If you're angry, tell me,

I'll help you find peace.

If you're hurting, tell me,

I'll take the pain away.

If you're bitter, tell me,

I'll help you find joy.

Don't push me away because I'm not there.


If my words are harsh or my actions careless,

Tell me.

I know that I'm busy, and never seem to have the time,

But if you ever need me, I'll be there.

No matter how long it's been since we last talked.

No matter how bad we might've fallen out.

No matter where you are, what time it is, what you're doing, I will be there.

But please, please,

You have to tell me.