Strong by Ashley Pannell

I was weak.


My mind was weak. It could be tricked and manipulated and it wouldn’t even know what was happening. It was fooled by so many and only realised when it was too late.


I was weak.


My soul was weak. It was blind and far too innocent for its own good. It was hurt and played with so much.


I was weak.


My heart was weak. It was so naïve and trusting and believed no one would ever bring it or me any harm. It was broken again and again. Over and over, until it just couldn’t take anymore.


And each time I was fooled, played and broken, I learned something and something taught me it.




Wisdom taught my mind that not every wants to be my friend.




Experience taught my soul that I should have known better.




Hurt taught my heart just how cruel people could be.


Fear consumed me. I began to keep my distance from people, fearing they’d use me. Hurt me. Break me.


I thought it was over. I thought I was over. I thought.


But I was wrong.


Because then, I simply grew tired of being afraid. I was sick of it. And I couldn’t let it go on anymore.


So, instead of being of afraid of them, I embraced my fears. I conquered them and made them my armour. I wore them like a second skin, and became something I could only ever dream of becoming.


I was weak.


But I grew strong.