Still Worth Loving by Ashley Pannell

This is just a reminder.


For those who cried themselves to sleep last night. To the ones who barely made it through the day. For the people who are just so tired and fed up with life and everything it entails.


If you've been damaged, or scarred or broken by the world. If you've lost a piece of heart, mind or soul because of how cruel it is.


I'm here to tell you: it's okay.


It's okay if you feel like the world is against you. Like there's nothing to look forward to. Like you're just too damaged, too scarred, too broken.


It's okay.


Even if you feel like you're utterly worthless. Even if you feel like you're so insignificantly small and the only good you could do in the world is breathe: it's okay.


Breathe. Take the time you need to just breathe.


No matter how bad life is. No matter how messed up the world may be. No matter insignificantly small you feel.


It's okay.


Even if you feel like you're simply broken beyond repair, like there are parts of you that are too messed up.


You will get through.


It's not always clear how or why. Even when the odds are so seemingly impossible to overcome. And you don't know how you make it through that one awful day or that one hellish night.


But somehow you do. Because humans were built to survive. To live. Even with broken parts. Especially with broken parts. Because those parts, those damaged, scarred, broken parts aren't just that. They're still you and they're still worth loving.


Because no matter what life throws at you, no matter what you go through, and no matter how insignificantly small you feel: you're still worth loving.


You will always be worth loving.