Residential at Edinburgh By Ellie Prouse

On the 13th of February 2020, on a day which was encompassed by our lovely stereotypical Scottish weather, other members of the group and I went to Edinburgh for a couple of days. Only three of us returned, if you discount the other six. 

Our journey started, as all journeys tend to do, with the gathering of the nine of us on the minibus, stopping for a brief lunch on the way, in which Cameron broke the McDonald's ice cream machine (a fact he vehemently denies). After we had lunch, we then travelled up to Edinburgh, a journey which was tragically void of any ABBA sing-along sessions (also Cameron's fault). Once we had arrived at Edinburgh, we went to the Young Scot office and did some training with them - this consisted of throwing bean bag balls at each other, as is custom of professional training exercises. There was some serious training, of course, but that information is strictly on a need to know basis. After we had finished our training with Young Scot, we went to the Hostel and called it a night.

The next day, after breakfast, we travelled to the Bethany Christian Trust, where Hannah (Marketing manager), John and Mark talked to us about what they do. We then travelled back to the hostel, where we went into two groups to write up about our visit - the article of this task will be available on the site shortly, if you wish for more details. We then visited Social Bite, where we had our lunch and Ivonne and Rory (Café manager) also gave us a presentation on what it is that Social Bite does.

We walked to The Edinburgh Dungeons, but because I am epileptic, I was not allowed to go in the Dungeons so me and a support worker went shopping instead. Once we had finished with shopping and everyone else was out of the Dungeons we went back to the hostel and wrote another article, which was about Social Bite ( which will also be available shortly). After we finished both articles, we then went to the cinema to see Sonic the Hedgehog. Here are some reviews from our Young Scot Media group about the movie – “I thought it would be cringey but it ended being pretty epic!” Another person said – “I thought it was going to be really rubbish, but as soon as I saw Jim Carrey, I knew it was going to be amazing and it turned out to be absolutely lush!” Another said “It was well good, I would recommend it” and another person added – “it was very good, it wasn’t what I was expecting”. Personally, I thought the movie was going to be rubbish, but after seeing it, I really enjoyed it.

Next day, everyone handed their keys back to reception and we signed out of the hostel, ready to go back home. This trip was an overall amazing experience and opened our eyes up to homelessness in Scotland.

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By Ellie Prouse and Ashley Pannell