Outside The Window by Ashley Pannell

       Outside the window, he watches the world change, 

For the bright colors of autumn, the dying rays are exchanged.

The leaves descend orange, yellow, red, brown, 

And he watches as they go down, down, down.


       He likes to watch the weather; because it never stays the same, 

One moment, leaves were falling, then snow, they became.

He watches as the harsh, winter winds blow,

And frost covers the ground, like it will never go. 


      But go, it does and leaves in its place flowers that will bloom,

Spring is the air, as he leaves behind dark winter's gloom. 

The grass flourishes, the leaves grow and hope returns anew,

And he feels himself smile, as he breathes in the dew. 


      Then, it's summertime and the heat blazes now,

He stares at the beach, and wipes the sweat from his brow. 

The air is hot, the waves beckon, but he dare not answer their call,

Because he knows that sooner or later, the leaves once again fall. 


      He loves to watch the seasons change, but it always makes him sad

When he looks at the people below, who are good and bad. 

Nature has a way of changing all its qualities in a snap,

If only, he thought bitterly, human nature would change like that.