My top 10 TV Quotes By Ellie Prouse

1. " I don't know what year you think it is, Klaus, but I'm the mother of twins, I was married and widowed on the same day, and I'm responsible for an entire school full of kids - including yours. You know, the one you haven't asked about? Why have you been avoiding her? She's beautiful, and she's smart. Maybe too smart for her own good, like her father."

- Caroline Forbes, The Originals, Season 5

2. "Elijah, I'm calling to say goodbye, Hope and I, we can't be part of your family anymore. All Hope's life her family has tried to destroy her. This can't be my little girl's story. Family is supposed to love you, even if she free of Dahlia's firstborn curse, Hope will still be Klaus' daughter. She'd inherit a thousand years of enemies, all his anger and rage. I don't want Hope to be a Mikaelson. All the pain comes with that name, she doesn't deserve that. Elijah,...I...Goodbye."

- Hayley Marshall, The Originals, Season 2

3. "There are no good guys."

- Clarke Griffin, The 100, Season 5

4. "I left her behind. I left her behind, and we all die anyway."

- Bellamy Blake, The 100, Season 4

5."If I wanted to go to a rave, I'd get into a time machine and go back to a time machine."

- Lydia Martin, Teen Wolf, Season 3

6. "What is the point of him? I mean seriously, what is his purpose, aside from his negativity and the scarf. What's up with the scarf anyway? It's 65 degrees out."

- Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf, Season 3

7. "Sorry, you ate my cat."

- Dustin Henderson, Stranger Things, Season 2

8. "I may be a pretty s-ty boyfriend, but turns out I'm actually a pretty damn good babysitter."

- Steve Harrington, Stranger Things, Season 2

9. Kevin: "Is cheerleading still a thing?"

   Cheryl: "Is being the gay best friend still a thing?!"

-Kevin Keller and Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale, Season 1

10. "As the one true Blossom heir, I feel it is my sacred duty to say a few words. The Blossoms have been bathing in blood since Great Grandpapi killed his brother. The original sinner of Riverdale. Well, I stand here before you today to say: No more. No more blood. No more madness. No more horror."

- Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale, Season 2

By Ellie