My Last Year at School

Everyone says that school years are the best years of your life, and maybe they are right for the first few years, but the last few are stressed-filled ones. My last year at school has been one of the most stressful as it is the gateway to my future and me getting into University to study what I love to learn about the most: French and German.

Throughout the year, I have made many memories that will last a lifetime. From becoming a prefect to making memories with friends for making silly mistakes, such as:

  • My friend, who is taking Advanced Higher History, asking the History teacher: “What’s Germany got to do with World War One?”

  • Getting kicked out of the library for laughing too hard and not doing work.

  • Having free periods so getting to leave early from school to go uptown or on the bus to Dundee.

  • And just the general stuff like talking to the teacher for a whole period to not do work.

Although this year has been a blast, it has also been a struggle due to university applications and deadlines looming - luckily, I got mine in before the Christmas Holidays, so that isn’t my top stress at the moment. I’m just waiting to hear back from them. Now I have exam stress and dreading exam results to contend with. 

But many people do leave in S6 to go to University or College (if they don’t like school or get the grades to get into University) and they say that it was the best decision they ever made.

I hope this will also be true for me.