Mofest 2018 Report

On Saturday 26th May the Angus Young Scot Media team had the opportunity to go down to Montrose where the annual music festival MoFest takes place.

The day was filled with sunshine and great music. MoFest is held in Montrose with the main stage located in the High Street as well as various performances going on in different venues near this area. In the High Street there was also stalls where there was food and drink available for purchase for visitors to the festival. The majority of the acts were local bands and there was even some local dance groups performing.

At MoFest Ashley had the opportunity to interview some of the acts and volunteers helping out at MoFest, and Ellie and Aaron had the chance to take photos and videos of some of the performances. Which will be up on the website soon.

Here is a link to the MoFest website where you can take a look at the acts that were performing:

Jeannette Low.