Mad World (Inspired by the song) By Ellie Prouse

Everyone around me just reminded me of familiar faces who I used to know. Me and my friends would get up early for their races but we were going nowhere. All our pain was filling inside us until we couldn't take it anymore. After we let all the emotions out we had no emotions anymore. Even though we want to hide our heads and drown our sorrow. To us there may be no tomorrow.

Half of the time I find it funny but I also find it sad. The dreams that I have are dying are the best I ever had. I find it hard to tell other people but I also know it is hard to take in. When people around me are just going in circles because they know that the world is a mad world.

Children are waiting the day when they feel good. When its their birthday they feel happy and every child should feel that way when it's their birthday. All children sit and listen to everyone. Going to school for the first day and I was really nervous so no one knew me. Talking to the teacher and asking what is the lesson today. The teacher is looking right through me like I am not even there.

Half of the time I feel funny but half of the time I feel sad. The dreams I have are the best I ever have and I never want to wake up from it. I find it hard to tell you but I know it's hard to take. When people around me in circles and I know that our world may not be perfect but it's a mad world after all.

By Ellie Prouse