Loneliness by Ashley Pannell



At first, you were a gift,

An oasis in the desert of my otherwise hectic, busy life.

When I was with you, it meant I had no obligations, no plans, no drama.

My unlikely love.

My forbidden passion.


Then, you visited me more and more, slowly but surely,

Becoming ever more present in my life.

I became more and more addicted to you,

Like a drug I couldn’t get enough of.

My unhealthy obsession,

My deadly desire.


But then you wouldn’t leave me.

I couldn’t go out with my friends, I couldn’t talk with my family,

I couldn’t do anything.

You wouldn’t let me.

You forced me to sink deeper into your embrace,

A strangling chokehold, clinging onto me, never letting go.

My crashing downfall.

My one true despair.


You had slithered your way into my life,

Like a snake, stealthy and silent,

Until you struck, sinking your fangs into my neck, sucking the life from me, drop by drop,

Until you were the only thing I hadn’t lost.




My greatest enemy,

My only friend.